How much for being ethical?

I’ve been eyeing for a winter jacket for me. A light, but a warm one. Down, that is. Or maybe some synthetic material in place of down, because..

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Not a review: Olympus 17/1.8 on a trip

About a year ago on our trip to Nice, I mainly used the Lumix 20/1.7 lens. Since then, I grew a little unhappy with the focus performance of the Lumix lens comparing it to the excellent Olympus M.Zuiko 12/2. So, just before our trip to Spain, I ordered and got the newer Olympus 17-millimeter lens…

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Provocations and assumptions

On March 24 2013 the (mostly) randomly chosen picture caused a little bit of stir and gossip:

"Lukuhetki keskeytyi", translated loosely as "Reading time interrupted"
“Lukuhetki keskeytyi”, translated loosely as “Reading time interrupted”

Through several channels I heard that the picture caused a lot of talk and even some shock among people. “How they dare, what’s next? Some direct action maybe?”

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