Provocations and assumptions

On March 24 2013 the (mostly) randomly chosen picture caused a little bit of stir and gossip:

"Lukuhetki keskeytyi", translated loosely as "Reading time interrupted"
“Lukuhetki keskeytyi”, translated loosely as “Reading time interrupted”

Through several channels I heard that the picture caused a lot of talk and even some shock among people. “How they dare, what’s next? Some direct action maybe?”

Newsflash: people have sex.

Let’s analyse the picture a bit: there are about three recognizable elements in it, the book, the bra and the floor. However, it’s also important to note something that is not seen in the picture, a person. There’s nobody in the picture.

The book itself doesn’t tell much, but with the caption it does suggest something about the moments before the picture. Someone has been reading. Who?

The bra on the floor probably was the reason for the stir, again with the caption. The reading was interrupted by something that lead someone to take off her bra. Who interrupted, who was interrupted and why?

Before I go to the real story behind the picture, let’s discuss a little about assumptions. A bra on the floor suggests that someone took it off as it’s not worn by anyone at the moment. A bra not being worn might suggest nudity. So, the picture suggests that someone, somewhere might be nude, or at least topless. Implied nudity even without anyone in the picture!

However, by the comments and gossip I heard, people assumed even more. Someone took a bra off, so someone – or even several people – should be nude and this of course must mean that they’re having sex. Quite a natural conclusion, but maybe not the only one or even the correct one?

Think about it

Still before revealing the real background, I’d like to ask you to ask yourself some questions:
– whose book and bra are there in the picture?
– how many people got naked?
– don’t you ever leave your clothes out of place?
– don’t you ever take off your bra other than to have sex, even to change or take a shower?
– when you change to sports bra, do you leave the regular one also on?
– who assumed a little too much about the picture? why? ;D

The real deal

Sorry to disappoint, the picture has absolutely nothing to do with sex. And no, nothing raunchier on the way.

On one winter day, I was off to skiing with my girlfriend Sanna and before heading out of the door, I returned to turn off some unnecessary lights. I even had the skiing boots on. I saw the things in the picture and grabbed a camera with an intention to create a picture that would suggest something and even provoke. Reading the logs of my websites, I would conclude that I succeeded 😀