Varadero, Cuba in January

… or as one our waitresses in Melia Varadero put it: “Two Daiquiri?”

Two daiquiri?
Two daiquiri?

In January 2014 me and my girlfriend Sanna took a trip to Varadero, Cuba as we had some spare time. The travel agency was Apollomatkat, the Finnish branch of Kuoni Travel. We flew with Finnair from Helsinki and stayed at Melia Varadero. Here’s a little report of the trip and some advice for anyone heading to Cuba’s tourist peninsula.

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Not a review: Olympus 17/1.8 on a trip

About a year ago on our trip to Nice, I mainly used the Lumix 20/1.7 lens. Since then, I grew a little unhappy with the focus performance of the Lumix lens comparing it to the excellent Olympus M.Zuiko 12/2. So, just before our trip to Spain, I ordered and got the newer Olympus 17-millimeter lens…

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Provocations and assumptions

On March 24 2013 the (mostly) randomly chosen picture caused a little bit of stir and gossip:

"Lukuhetki keskeytyi", translated loosely as "Reading time interrupted"
“Lukuhetki keskeytyi”, translated loosely as “Reading time interrupted”

Through several channels I heard that the picture caused a lot of talk and even some shock among people. “How they dare, what’s next? Some direct action maybe?”

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